A Few Good Lines

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A Few Good Lines

by Alex Ottenstein

Do you step footprints of regret, to be washed away,
by plain ol’ rain, that’s looming large and coming out to play?
Or are those strides building blocks of pride, here for years to come,
to forever last, in earthen cast, never to become undone?

You see, love will test you frequently,
that it comes back is what makes it true -
sometimes you have just to look to see
that it’s been standing in front of you.
A bold proclaim to take joyful daybreak,
emancipate, create, and liberate…

…but will their fill turn into their divide?
Or does true love still cause these hearts collide?

…getting hot from thoughts of getting caught…

And she stands in the rain, showing him all her pain,
he licks her wounds, feeling much of the same.
These lives are defined as their roots grow entwined,
wilting together, as time has designed.
A Simple Flower (unpublished)

Jobs that provide a safe place to reside,
with closets to hide skeletons inside…
The stories are old, they speak not of gold,
but of more beauty than your eyes can hold.
Yet they will preach, that beauty to us each,
is whatever you covet that’s just out of reach…
There comes a time, when you decide to find
how far you can swim from the shore…
And if what you see, will set you free,
how far will you go to get more?
So where does it end?  It doesn’t, my friend,
and the seas are endless, I’m sure!
- Untitled (unpublished)
Her body best defined, curves with the shoreline,
hair flowing as the tide, eyes deeper than the sea…
A voice so divine, to whisper is to confine,
and a face brighter than any blossom on any tree.
- Untitled (unpublished)
The longest distance
between two points is a firm
line drawn in the sand.

Usually, being
the bigger person means you
use the smaller voice.
- Less is More (Haiku)
There is no sharper sword unsheathed,
than a twisted tongue, unleashed.
Untitled (unpublished)
Life is a crime of opportunity,
where the guilty pass up possibility.
Untitled (unpublished)
Neither good intentions, good looks,
or good men can overcome bad timing.
Untitled (unpublished)
Their fate insists, their paths have crossed
with countless twists, and countless lost.
When they first kissed, the rules were tossed -
they got their wish, but at what cost?
Who knows how far it’s really been,
how right the route or wrong the sins…
You see…We’ll forever be NEW violins,
longing to be taken out,
hoping to be held again.

She demands me to enjamb,
switching ‘tween poetry and prose,
and loves it when, my ink violin,
uses her form to compose…

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